Welcome to GinFish, where flavours meet a soulful moment of ambience.

Tucked in the Skiathos Old Port, GinFish curates a cocktail list for you to explore. Explore your favourite taste in delicious cocktails while lounging, our staff will happily welcome and cater to your convenience.


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One of the newest members of the “gang” in the Skiathos Old Port, GinFish was established in May 2014. The name “GinFish” was inspired by the combination of Gin and Fizz (from the cocktail) with Fish – as the location was once a traditional fish market. GinFish stands out on people’s choice for a mix of aesthetics; the atmosphere and the crafted cocktails. Under the stars of the idyllic Skiathos, the elegant ambience and up-to-date cocktail list merge together for an indulgence of unforgettable summer nights.

We are proud to announce that GinFish was awarded with a TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice for 2020. We would like to express our gratitude for our guests, can’t wait to welcome you again next summer.

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Enjoy your favourite cocktail in a soulful moment by the Aegean Sea, our cocktail list is carefully crafted and updated each year by our in-house Mixologist. Surrounded with discreet music to enhance your relaxing night, GinFish is ready to welcome you for a night of refreshments.

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Old Port On The Waterfront,
Skiathos Town, 370 02, Greece




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